Infrastructure and Transportation

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Services description

Ethos engineering, has gained, in more than twenty years’ experience of its technical staff, a consolidated skill and specific know-how in planning and directing the construction of complex infrastructures. The complexity of this kind of works is mainly due to the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach considering all the technical, economic and environmental involved aspects and searching for the best final solution.

The main services are provided in the sectors of roads, railways and seaports.

Roads and railways

- Traffic analysis and functional requirements

-Analysis of geometric, hydraulic, geological, geotecnical and 

environmental aspects and demands

-Integrated planning

-Ground mathematical modelling and geometric planning

-Railway stations


-Sea and weather exposure analysis

-Dynamics of coastal morphology

-Coastal protection structures

-Internal wave agitation analysis

-Outer and inner harbour structures

-Logistic platforms



Following the list of the most relevant roads projects:

 COLLINI IMPRESA COSTRUZIONI S.p.A.. Works to construct the Casteggio and Voghera bypasses – Connection lot – State Highways S.S. 10 "Padana Inferiore" - 35 "dei Giovi" - 461 "del Penice". Construction project. Cost of works 27.725.741,86 euros. 1998. The new road, is5340 m long; the road section is IV CNR. The platform, for a total width of 10.50m, is formed of1.50 m of side shoulders and two3.75 m wide traffic lanes. The overall project includes 9 parking areas and 3 road interchanges.


LOMBARDINI RUSCALLA S.p.A.. Urgent works to construct the 1st section of the 3rd lot of the Alessandria deviation to block flooding of the Bormida and Tanaro rivers along state highways S.S. 10 and 494. Feasible executive design. Cost of works 53,814,808.89 euros. 2002. The aim of the project was to guarantee the connection of the former ex SS10 “Padana Inferiore” with the former SS494 “Vigevanese” outside thetownship ofAlessandria, and to prevent flooding from the two rivers that flow throughAlessandria, the Tanaro and the Bormida rivers. The planned artery is4626.69 m long, with 3564.45m of this an earth embankment and the rest a viaduct; the road section is III CNR. The platform, constituted of two separate carriageways, for a total width of 19.15mm, is formed of 1.75m of side shoulders, two 3.50m wide traffic lanes and central reservation of 1.65m. Along the road, in order are the following rilevant engineering works: Carlo Alberto viaduct and  Viaduct sections 75-77: both viaducts, four span, isostatic beams with a 25m clear span; Tanaro Viaduct: twenty-two isostatic beams with a 36m clear span; Tanaro bridge: bridge cast on site at variable inertia formed of three spans of 50, 100, 50m.

 PROFERT s.r.l.. Final and executive design of the port platform in Taranto – Strada dei moli (wharf road). Cost of works 24.000.000 euros. 2005. The “Strada dei Moli” project is mainly formed of two separate arterys: the new Strada dei Moli, complying to class D “ for a total length of5176.10 m and the link road with S.S. 106 “Jonica” state highway, complying to class C1, for a total length of523.84 m. The main engineering works are formed of a viaduct, overpassing Taranto-Naples railway, two new bridges, overpassing two drainage channels ILVA, and lastly the enlargement of two existing bridges.

PROVINCE OF CUNEO – 2006 WINTER OLYMPICS, TURIN. Integrated tender with Coim Cuneo s.c.r.l - Executive design of works on regional road S.R.589 of the Avigliana Lakes, consisting of 1st Lot of the Eastern Bypass at Saluzzo and implementation of safety measures of Crocera di Barge. Cost of works 12,408,226.90 euros. 2004. The aim of the project is the construction of the first lot of the Saluzzo Eastern Bypass within the infrastructural works financed and completed for the 2006 Winter Olympics inTurin. The layout extends for a total of5,710.45 m, originating from the entry roundabout with the S.R. 589 north of Saluzzo and then using rotating slip roads to connect the S.P. 161, the S.P.662, the S.P. 129, the S.P. 663, the S.C. Ruà dei Re and the S.R.589. The road section complies to class C1. The platform, for a total width of 10.50m, is formed of1.50 m of side shoulders and two3.75 m wide traffic lanes. The main engineering works are the Torto river viaduct,120 m long, and the underpasses of the Saluzzo Savigliano railway line and of the S.P. 137 to Lagnasco.


PROVINCE OF ALESSANDRIA Final, executive design, environmental feasibility study of provincial road S.P. n. 35 Ter-Nuovo linking Novi Ligure and Serravalle Scrivia - II lot. 2005. The aim of the project is the construction of one of the two lots constituting a new artery connecting Novi Ligure and Serravalle Scrivia. The new road, is990,86 m long; the road section complies class C1. The platform, for a total width of 10.50m, is formed of1.50 m of side shoulders and two3.75 m wide traffic lanes.



Some of the most recent and significant projects carried out are reported below in form of pdf file. 

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