ETHOS Engineering s.r.l. develops worldwide engineering services for infrastructure and transportation, water, environment, architecture and urban planning, structural and geotechnical engineering, plant engineering. Its objective is technical and scientific quality and excellence in the fields of engineering and architecture


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ETHOS engineering s.r.l. services cover all the project phases, from the consulting activities and feasibility studies in preparation for executing works to the complete design, works management, accounting and safety coordination activities. In particular, Ethos engineering services include:

-          surveys;

-          technical - economic feasibility and planning studies;

-          preliminary design;

-          final design;

-          construction design;

-          financial and management analysis;

-          work supervision and technical assistance;

-          staff training and technology transfer;

-          scientific research in environmental monitoring coordination of integrated design and operational management;

-          maintenance plans for infrastructures;

-          assignment of works. 


In order to obtain these results, Ethos Engineering s.r.l. adopts a multidisciplinary design approach that integrates different disciplines inside a single operational team: architects, engineers and technicians with various specializations can guarantee customized solutions that consider the client’s needs, the best architectural and environmental integration, the commitment in terms of costs and time for design and realization.

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